Item# Fleurs

Product Description

This stylish zen-type "Tropic Fleur" bouquet represents the modern flower look, with its bold colors and geometrical shapes.

CONTENT: 12 "Tropic Fleur" Heliconia, 8 tropical foliage, your gift card message.

WEIGHT: 8 lbs. Shipping & handling charges are additional. We ship Fedex only.

CARE ISTRUCTIONS: Simply place the flowers in the included vase. They are pre-arranged and donít need any arranging talent. Change water 1x a week. Keep away from extreme cold and heat! Place flowers indoors between 60 Ė 90 degrees, away from heaters and air conditioners. These flowers will wilt if left in temperatures below 60 degrees.

SHELF LIFE: These flowers should look good for about 1-3 weeks from the time you receive them.

SHIPPING & handling charges additional. We ship Fedex only This flower gift box is shipped fully arranged, farm fresh from Kauai.

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