~ RED MELE ~ arranged

~ RED MELE ~ arranged
Item# RedMele-arranged

Product Description

This fantastic bouquet unfolds totally arranged in a vase, out of the box. All you have to do is "add water"!
This is a fantastic way to give a finished gift. No work involved, just enjoy!
CONTENT: 5 red gingers, 5 red "Tropic Fire" anthuriums, 2 dendrobium sprays & foliages arranged in an earth-friendly biodegradable Vase - stands about 18- 20" tall

This is a wonderful gift for any occasion, especially for a business, Hospital, funeral. Just open the box, and out pops a fully arranged Tropical Beauty and all you have to do is : add water!

WEIGHT: 4 lbs. Shipping & handling charges are additional. We ship Fedex only.

CARE ISTRUCTIONS: JUST ADD WATER ! Misting the flowers regularly will enhance the flower life, adding that extra moisture these flowers are used to in Hawaii's Tropics. Place flowers indoors between 60 – 85 degrees, away from heaters and air conditioners. These flowers will instantly wilt if left in temperatures below 60 degrees. When done, you can re-use the container or through into your compost, where it will turn back into the natural fibers it was created from.

SHELF LIFE: These flowers should look good for about 1-3 weeks from the time you receive them.

SHIPPING & handling charges additional. We ship Fedex only This flower gift box is shipped fully arranged, farm fresh from our affiliated farm on the “Big Island” of Hawaii.

NOTE: Arrangement will look very similar to picture. Box is exactly measured and no chocolate can be added to box.


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