Item# HawaiiRainbow

Product Description

This is a "WOW-Bouquet"! Each Obake Anthurium flower is huge and multicolored.

CONTENT Standing about 24” tall, this consists of 10 XL Obake-Anthuriums & assorted foliage, in an assortment of colors. The flowers are shaped like "elephant ears", huge and floppy, and like all Anthuriums, these flowers are extremely long lasting. Vase is not included in price.

SHELF LIFE: These flowers should look good for about 2-4 weeks from the time you receive them.

CARE ISTRUCTIONS: You can simply place the flowers in your own vase or do an artistic arrangement in our “Flower Tray”. (for sale, see below) . Keep away from extreme cold and heat! Place flowers indoors between 60 – 90 degrees, away from heaters and air conditioners. Do not refrigerate!

WEIGHT: 8 lbs.

SHIPPING & handling charges additional. We ship Fedex only This flower gift box is shipped farm fresh from the “Big Island” Hawaii.

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