Item# Hanalei

Product Description

Our "Hanalei" Gift Box is as spectacular as the legendary Hanalei Bay that inspired this! These large, bright and bold flowers make an extremely impressive gift to impress any body. 

CONTENT: 22 pieces of mixed tropical flowers and foliage ": This 3 ft tall bouquet includes a mixture of our most unusual tropicals, Heliconias, Gingers and additional we also add Anthuriums, Costus and Calatheas and tropical foliage. Flowers may vary with season. A personal gift card with your message will be included. Vase is not included.

WEIGHT: 12 lbs. Shipping & handling charges are additional. We ship Fedex only.

SHIPPING & handling charges additional. We ship Fedex only

CARE ISTRUCTIONS: This bouquet come bundled ready to put into water. You can simply place the flowers in your own vase or do an artistic arrangement in a flower tray with “Oasis” foam in it. Change water 1x a week. Keep away from extreme cold and heat! Place flowers indoors between 60 – 90 degrees, away from heaters and air conditioners. These flowers will wilt if left in temperatures below 60 degrees.

NOTE: Flowers may vary with season and might look a bit different from picture. Customer’s satisfaction is always guarantied.

CALIFORNIA SHIPMENTS: We cannot ship Gingers and palm leaves to California, because of the California agricultural inspection. Therefore we replace the Gingers and Palm leaves in this bouquet with similar tropical flowers and foliage with the same value.

These flowers will impress every birthday friend and will bring sunshine to your holidays. We guaranty your satisfaction.

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