~ FLAMES ~ "pre-arranged"

~ FLAMES ~ "pre-arranged"
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Product Description

Hawaiian Flowers! Fully pre-arranged in vase and flower foam! No work involved, just enjoy!

This beautiful tropical arrangement brings lots of joy! Red and yellow like the sunset in Kona!

It gets arranged by our in-house florist and expertly packed to insure that the arrangement looks just the same when you receive it.

NOTE: Arrangement will look very similar to picture. Box is exactly measured and no chocolate can be added to box.

CONTENT: 3 red Costus Gingers, 3 red anthurims, 2 yellow oncidium Orchid sprays, and foliage and your personal gift card. - stands about 12-15" tall

WEIGHT: 4 lbs. Shipping & handling charges are additional. We ship Fedex only.

CARE ISTRUCTIONS: Simply ad water. They are pre-arranged and donít need any arranging talent. Change water 1x a week. Keep away from extreme cold and heat! Place flowers indoors between 60 Ė 90 degrees, away from heaters and air conditioners. These flowers will wilt if left in temperatures below 60 degrees.

SHELF LIFE: These flowers should look good for about 1-3 weeks from the time you receive them.

SHIPPING & handling charges additional. We ship Fedex . This flower gift box is shipped fully arranged, farm fresh from Kauai.

Customerís satisfaction is always guarantied.

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